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Employment Law in New York


An employment agreement or employment contract is a binding legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment between an employer and employee. It can override the at-will employment factor in New York State, where employers can lawfully terminate a job without warning or an employee can quit without notice. The work agreement may specify the terms for employment and reasons that would justify job termination and also clarify the length of employment along with the rights and responsibilities of the job position.


An employment contract may include a non-compete clause or the employer may require that you also sign a non-compete agreement as a condition for hiring. This clause or agreement would prevent you from working for one of the employer's competitors during your time of employment or for a specified time after leaving the job. It is wise to consult with an employment law attorney before signing a non-compete agreement. Courts often do not uphold non-compete agreements. However, this is not always the case, and your lawyer may advise that you request a severance agreement if hiring requires that you sign a non-compete agreement.


Through our comprehensive knowledge and experience in employment law, the Lalor Law Firm assists employers in the Hudson Valley. Helping business owners avoid employment complaints and disputes often requires a proactive approach. By implementing litigation avoidance strategies and preventive personnel practices and policies, employers can safeguard their businesses. In addition, conducting confidential policy audits and internal investigations helps ensure that employers are in compliance with state and federal employment laws.


Having access to an experienced employment defense lawyer is vital for obtaining sound legal advice. Our attorneys can help you deal with difficult employment situations and protect you against economic loss and liability. We can draft employment agreements, severance agreements, employee manuals and other policies. Many disputes can be settled short of litigation and whenever possible, we strive to provide clients with effective and cost-efficient resolutions.

Having a skilled advocate who can deal with legal issues helps minimize business disruption and frees employers to carry on with managing their business.

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